19 Dec 14

Complete Package

Sweet Krissy is a complete package – She’s the best of everything any of us have ever wanted from a woman!

Let’s take stock here with Sweet Krissy… Big hair? Check. Big boobs? Check. Tight ass? Check. Can she walk in high heels? Check.

sweet krissy tight jeans sweet ass5

Yeah, Sweet Krissy has it all. And she looks great doing it too!

sweet krissy tight jeans sweet ass1 sweet krissy tight jeans sweet ass2 sweet krissy tight jeans sweet ass3 sweet krissy tight jeans sweet ass4

I so love her ass! I would hit that until cows could fly airplanes!

sweet krissy tight jeans sweet ass6

I just hope that doesn’t happen any time soon – Because I’d love to spend a lot of time with Sweet Krissy!!! High quality bonding time that is!!!

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This is Sweet Krissy just how we like to see her – wearing only a pair of high heels and sexy panties, teasing us by not showing us her boobies…. How freaking hot is that?

My god, Krissy has huge fucking boobs. they got to be real; She’s too young to have had a boob job, right? And the perfect body just goes right along with this… God damn I want to play with her huge boobs….

sweet krissy huge boobs panties high heels

Of course, all men love it when teen sluts dress up in high heels. I guess that’s the fashionable thing for big breasted chicks like Sweet Krissy to do these days! Along with her huge boobs it’s the perfect!

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You know what Sweet Krissy is all about… She’s all about having big boobs… Big, huge, beautiful, bold boobs. Breasts. That’s perfect.

No matter what Sweet Krissy tries to do she cannot hide the fact that she has huge breasts… I’m okay with that.

super sexy sweet krissy

Oh god what I wouldn’t want to do with such huge boobies….

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13 Dec 14

Boob Video

I know you like boobs. All men do. And chances are you came to my Sweet Krissy blog because you like hot teens with beautiful tight asses who have big boobs. And Sweet Krissy has some big boobies all right!

Sweet Krissy knows she has big boobs and she knows men like to see her huge knockers…. And she loves to play with them on video! Lucky us!

Check out this minute long video of Sweet Krissy playing with boobies!



Oh so damn hot! I love Sweet Krissy and her big teen boobies!

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11 Dec 14

Purple Bra

Sometimes I sit and think, but most of the time I just sit and think about all of the obscene things I want to do to Sweet Krissy. I swear I want to cum on her face, fuck her from behind while pulling on her hair; I want her to ride on top of me so I can see her big breasts bouncing up and down and flopping all around!

Oh, and I want to titty fuck Sweet Krissy too!

sweet krissy purple bra panties1

God… The things I would do to her!

Sweet Krissy is so damn smoking hot!

sweet krissy purple bra panties2 sweet krissy purple bra panties3 sweet krissy purple bra panties4 sweet krissy purple bra panties6

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8 Dec 14

Sexy Naked Body

As if Sweet Krissy wasn’t already fucking hot enough… She’s wearing a short sexy skirt, a plaid skirt at that, and she’s showing off her sexy body. I don’t believe Sweet Krissy is wearing any panties here. And she’s really too quick to take off her clothes. I think Sweet Krissy just likes to show off her huge breasts!

sweet krissy plaid skirt1 sweet krissy plaid skirt2 sweet krissy plaid skirt3 sweet krissy plaid skirt6

Once Sweet Krissy gets naked… Wow, what a stunning body she has!

sweet krissy plaid skirt7

Is it me, or does Sweet Krissy look like Demi Lovato?

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5 Dec 14

Farmers Daughter

Check it out – Sweet Krissy as a farmer’s daughter…. This stunning hot teen pulls it off well, complete with pig tails and all!

sweet krissy innocent farmers daughter teen slut2

I wonder if this is something that Sweet Krissy dresses up in for sex, or something she’s wearing to dance out in the middle of no place…. Wouldn’t it be funny if Sweet Krissy was into something silly like square dancing?

I remember back in the day in school we used to shy away from the girls. But that wouldn’t be the case with Sweet Krissy now would it?

sweet krissy innocent farmers daughter teen slut1 sweet krissy innocent farmers daughter teen slut3 sweet krissy innocent farmers daughter teen slut4 sweet krissy innocent farmers daughter teen slut5

I’d dance with her!!!

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2 Dec 14

Perfect Package

Let me sum up Sweet Krissy for you here with a handful of photos….

Sweet Krissy has big boobs. And she loves to show them off. Check.

sweet krissy perfect package1

Sweet Krissy has a super fine tight ass and loves to wear tight jeans. Check.

sweet krissy perfect package2

Sweet Krissy gets naked in her member’s area. Check.

It might just be possible that Sweet Krissy is the perfect package!!!!

sweet krissy perfect package3


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29 Nov 14

Pretty In Pink

Can your girlfriend do this?

sweet krissy tight teen ass pretty in pink1

Seems like Sweet Krissy can….. And I’m guessing that translates into doing some kinky stuff in the bed room! If she can position herself like that across a chair, well, just imagine what Sweet Krissy can do to do you in the bedroom!!!!!

sweet krissy tight teen ass pretty in pink2 sweet krissy tight teen ass pretty in pink3 sweet krissy tight teen ass pretty in pink4 sweet krissy tight teen ass pretty in pink5

This last picture of Sweet Krissy really does it for me…. I swear I want to fuck her face!!!!

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Now this is fucking hot…. Sweet Krissy dressed up all in white like a little big breasted teen virgin…. She is so damn hot!

I love it when she’s down on her knees with her ass propped up in the air – sort of like the ass up face down position. You know that Sweet Krissy likes to get fucked hard from behind, doggie style… All chicks her age like it like that!

sweet krissy big boobs white stockings9

And who wouldn’t want to tag Sweet Krissy like that? Then again, she’s got huge breasts so having her ride on top of you so you can watch those huge knockers swinging up and down is a special treat!

sweet krissy big boobs white stockings5 sweet krissy big boobs white stockings6 sweet krissy big boobs white stockings7 sweet krissy big boobs white stockings11

Damn, Sweet Krissy looks so sexy in these white thigh high stockings…. Sort of makes you wish you were that pillow she’s sitting on in that last picture, doesn’t it?

sweet krissy big boobs white stockings3 sweet krissy big boobs white stockings8 sweet krissy big boobs white stockings10 sweet krissy big boobs white stockings12

Yeah, oh yeah, I would so fuck Sweet Krissy!!!

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