21 Jul 14

Sexy Skirt

I see London, I see France, I see… BOOBIES!

This is Sweet Krissy, all boobs!


She reminds me of a friend I had when I was younger, a hot chick I’ve called Nikki Valentine…. Except for Sweet Krissy has bigger boobs and dark hair….

I love this shot of Sweet Krissy here; It’s all about the boobs!

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18 Jul 14

Tight Black Dress

I’m a bit disappointed in myself….. For not posting about these pictures before. This is – of course – Sweet Krissy – tightly wrapped up in a short black dress that shows off her curves perfectly while putting her breasts on display. That’s perfection!


When I find a new model to talk about, I don’t slop them up here and say “go sign up”. I’ll only talk about chicks I think are really hot. My friend Punker got me a pass to Sweet Krissy and the first photo set I checked out from her member’s area was this one in this sexy black dress.

I’ve had a few dreams about her in this tight black dress, trust me!


God, this is damn hawt!

I would eat out of her hand if I ever had half the chance! In fact, I’d marry Sweet Krissy if I had the chance!!!

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Being as we are all boob men, we always look at her boobs first. And Sweet Krissy has some huge sexy boobies.

You just have to admire how those huge breasts sit in her sexy bra…

sweet krissy tits ass2

Then when Sweet Krissy turns around and bends over just slightly we are reminded that she has a great little ass.

And Sweet Krissy loves to be spanked!

sweet krissy tits ass3

Jesus, that’s a lot of DVDs she has!

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13 Jul 14

Breast Play

Sweet Krissy sure does have some big knockers for such a young woman – all real too!!! Imagine getting the chance to titty fuck Sweet Krissy….. That would make my year!

If I had big knockers like her…. I’d never leave the house. Just like this picture of Sweet Krissy playing with her breasts here, well, I’d do nothing but play with my breasts all day long!

sweet krissy huge teen knockers

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Years ago I used to have a girlfriend who spent an awful lot of time in the bath tub. I thought it was odd; It was like her ritual. Turns out she was doing so much more than taking a bath. Turns out she was masturbating in there, fingering her pussy under water. Slut.

Now when I see Sweet Krissy pressing her breasts on the edge of the tub I’m wondering if Sweet Krissy is going to be finger banging herself…

sweet krissy hot sexy bath 1

Looks like Sweet Krissy is starting off by playing with her breasts…. Nothing will get her motor started like playing with her huge breasts!

sweet krissy hot sexy bath 2

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7 Jul 14

My Favorite Gal

All of my life I don’t think I’ve had a serious girlfriend with a rack like Sweet Krissy! I’d imagine I’d have problems leaving her site knowing that other men would want to play with these fun bags!


Real or fake? Or will we never know??? Doesn’t matter. We’d all still hit Sweet Krissy!!!

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Sweet Krissy loves to show off, but that’s not really needed… Not when she’s naked. It’s just super hot!

She’s naked on the floor, legs spread… Playing with her huge titties.

sweet krissy huge boobs

Smoking hot!

Who wouldn’t want to play with those huge boobies, right? Seems like even Sweet Krissy likes to play with her own big boobies! Women like breasts – big breasts!

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2 Jul 14

Tits And Ass

I swear, Sweet Krissy has the best of both worlds….

In the front we have a beautiful, large, firm, teenage rack. I’m taking breasts here – and lots of them. Sweet Krissy has more than a mouthful when it comes to boobs!

sweet krissy big boobs big ass1

Then you flip Sweet Krissy around and discover she’s got a beautiful little tight teenage ass…. She loves to show off her ass and she loves to show it off wearing sexy thongs!

Throw in a short skirt and that easily comes up to show off her beautiful little tight ass, and she’s good to go!

sweet krissy big boobs big ass2

Who wouldn’t want to hit that beautiful little ass? Oh, the things I could do to Sweet Krissy!!!!!

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Sweet Krissy was never really known to be discrete. We might like Sweet Krissy for her huge boobs, but she likes to get our attention any which way she can. And sometimes that means wearing a short slutty skirt! Her ass is perfect – and chances are Sweet Krissy isn’t wearing any panties. If she is, it would be a little tiny thong!

sweet krissy short plaid skirt

The fish net stockings are too hot for words!

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29 Jun 14

Ride Me Cowgirl

I like chicks in cowboy hats as much as the next guy; The moment I see a hot chick in cow boy hat I imagine her riding on top of me like she was riding a bucking bronco…..

But I’m not sure if this picture of Sweet Krissy does it for me….

sweet krissy cow boy hat

I mean, it turns me on to see Sweet Krissy with her big breasts sticking out… But it’s kind of tacky!

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