4 Mar 15

Jean Corset

Fresh from the Sweet Krissy member’s area… More yummyness! How about Sweet Krissy in a jean corset and a dangerously short skirt? That’s enough to give me instant wood!

sweet krissy big breasted teen hot corset7

Would you look at those damn boobs…. I love Sweet Krissy and her huge teen breasts!

sweet krissy big breasted teen hot corset6

And the rest of her of course!!!

sweet krissy big breasted teen hot corset1 sweet krissy big breasted teen hot corset2 sweet krissy big breasted teen hot corset3 sweet krissy big breasted teen hot corset4

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LOL – I don’t even have a category to put this photo in….

Sweet Krissy is buck ass naked. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before – Sweet Krissy naked like this. Usually she has some clothes on or something, or at the very least high heels. She’s not covering herself up this time but she’s not really showing anything more than her ass…

sweet krissy naked

And what a beautiful ass Sweet Krissy has too!

We all know how Sweet Krissy likes spankings… Maybe it’s time to pull out the riding crop and remind her who the boss is!

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27 Feb 15

Boobs In Bikini

Women with huge boobs have always looked great in a bikini… It’s perfect for them… Sweet Krissy not only has huge boobs, but she’s thin everywhere else… It’s perfect, it’s the perfect combination… Boobs a thin waist. Win win.

sweet krissy huge boobs bikini1

And clearly Sweet Krissy loves showing off, posing in her bikini on the lake like it’s something she does every day!

sweet krissy huge boobs bikini2 sweet krissy huge boobs bikini3 sweet krissy huge boobs bikini4 sweet krissy huge boobs bikini5

When Sweet Krissy pulls her boobies out… And hides them with her hands, but we know what she really looks like naked!

sweet krissy huge boobs bikini6

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24 Feb 15

Spanked Again

I posted up a video of Sweet Krissy getting spanked earlier….. I swear she really gets turned on when Sweet Krissy gets spanked. You can tell she likes it!

The look in her eyes when she gets spanked is just fucking priceless….



The best part is when her ass is all cherry red! You know Sweet Krissy isn’t faking it!

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21 Feb 15

Special Delivery

I hate the mailman. Usually she just drops stuff off at my mailbox, but at least once a week I get a package. I work from home, and unless your offering up some nudity it’s pretty difficult to get me to leave my chair. I’m nice and comfy here. And it’s not like the chick who delivers my mail is hot or anything.

Now, if Sweet Krissy was delivering my mail…. I’d jump at the chance to get up and answer the door. In fact, I’d be pushing people out of the way!

sweet krissy sexy special delivery1

Special delivery for Rochard! Sweet. I am, in fact, Rock hard.

Man, if Sweet Krissy showed up at my doorstep to drop off the mail I’d be like a dog in heat, sniffing at her ass up that short little skirt. Sweet!

sweet krissy sexy special delivery2 sweet krissy sexy special delivery3 sweet krissy sexy special delivery4 sweet krissy sexy special delivery5

Of course, I’d pay her extra to do a little strip tease because I’d love to see her little knockers!

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I remember the day I first fell in love with Sweet Krissy. It was the day I saw her in this tight little black dress.

I don’t know why women talk about their little black dress like it’s such a big huge deal but in this case it’s super hot. This is not a “little black dress” – this is a super tight super short super cleavage dropping dress….

sweet krissy tight dress 1

Of course Sweet Krissy has huge boobs and those breasts are just trying to break out!

sweet krissy tight dress 2

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All men are breast lovers, so this explains why Sweet Krissy is so damn popular… She’s all boobs!

Well, she’s a lot more than that. In fact, she is so much more than that. She’s got a huge rack – great big boobies – but she’s got a lot of personality and a great face. Sweet Krissy also likes to be spanked.

sweet krissy huge boobs 2

And you just know that Sweet Krissy likes playing with her boobs as much as we do!

sweet krissy huge boobs 1

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It love it when chicks get dressed up for their men or even just for us online. They strip down, put on a sexy and slutty little outfit, a short skirt, stockings, tie it together with a theme and it’s super hot…

Sweet Krissy is all dressed up today… It doesn’t seem she has much of a top – no way that top is going to cover up the huge boobs that Sweet Krissy has going on. Not that we would want her to. But she’s got her hands covering up most of her breasts teasing us…. We’ve come to expect that from Sweet Krissy at this point…

sweet krissy huge boobs short skirt 1

When we flip her around it’s just as hot – although I can’t tell if Sweet Krissy is wearing any panties!

sweet krissy huge boobs short skirt 2

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I love Sweet Krissy. How can you not? She’s got a huge rack and a beautiful face. I don’t know which of her I want to fuck really…

I could fuck her face, her tits, fuck her snatch… .

sweet krissy perfect boobs1

And then I could just fuck her from behind…. Because Sweet Krissy has a tight little ass!

sweet krissy perfect boobs2

I would so fucking tap that ass!

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13 Feb 15

Banana Video

Oh sweet Mary this is hot! Sweet Krissy going down on a banana….

What more can we ask for?

Very much hotness!

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