Sweet Krissy has it going on. No matter which end you want to play with, Sweet Krissy can satisfy you. Want to hit it from behind? Sweet Krissy has a beautiful little round teenage ass! Like breasts? Well, Sweet Krissy has more than a mouth. Like to drop your load of jizz across a chick’s face and give her a hot sticky facial? Sweet Krissy has the face of an angel….

If all of the above isn’t enough, Sweet Krissy has personality that shines through no matter what this hot teen is or is not wearing!

sweet krissy hot perky big breasted teen3

Oh, and she loves to show off her body too! Sweet Krissy has a banging body and she knows it, and she loves to show it all off!

And girls like that are the girls we want to spend high quality bonding time with – naked!

sweet krissy hot perky big breasted teen1 sweet krissy hot perky big breasted teen2 sweet krissy hot perky big breasted teen5 sweet krissy hot perky big breasted teen6

My my my… What a sweet little ass Sweet Krissy has!

sweet krissy hot perky big breasted teen4

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18 Aug 14

Tits And Ass

Damn Sweet Krissy is fucking smoking hot!

Sweet Krissy has the boobs….

sweet krissy sexy big breasted teen brunette short skirt white stockings10

And the ass!

sweet krissy sexy big breasted teen brunette short skirt white stockings12

Her boobs are well above average, and her ass looks beautiful in a little thong.

God Sweet Krissy is perfect!

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15 Aug 14

Bikini Top

Being as summer is gone, we might as well slap up some bikini pix of Sweet Krissy!!! Wow, her bikini is rather tight because of her massive breasts!


I bet you Sweet Krissy doesn’t have to put too much effort into swimming… Sweet Krissy can just use her breasts to stay afloat!!!

Of course seeing Sweet Krissy out of her bikini is a joy too!!!

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Do you think Sweet Krissy poses too much when she’s bending over? Why is that? Does Sweet Krissy like showing off her cleavage? Or does she like showing off her ass? Or maybe she’s trying to send us a message – does she want to be spanked or fucked from behind?

I like to see Sweet Krissy getting spanked… And fucked from behind!

sweet krissy bending over

But most of all I just want to see Sweet Krissy naked!

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10 Aug 14

Sweet Christmas

Now wouldn’t you want to see Sweet Krissy under your Christmas tree on Christmas morning?

You betcha!

sweet krissy christmas pix1

Sweet Krissy is so sexy!

sweet krissy christmas pix2 sweet krissy christmas pix4 sweet krissy christmas pix6 sweet krissy christmas pix7

And Sweet Krissy is sexy from behind too!

sweet krissy christmas pix3

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7 Aug 14

Sexy French Maid

I think every chick who has a website on the Internet these days has done the French maid thing at least once….. I surely do hope that your girlfriend (or wife?) plays dress up for you every once in a while….

Here is Sweet Krissy as a big breasted French maid, white stockings and all!!!


You know… The bigger the boobs, the better the French maid, right? Looks like Sweet Krissy is having a lot of fun playing French maid!!!


Now that Sweet Krissy is all naked she needs to finish things up quickly….. Because who ever Sweet Krissy is with must be very honry right about now!!!

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4 Aug 14

Fawndle Boobs

This should be fun….

It’s no secret that Sweet Krissy has a nice rack… Put her melons in a tight fitting t-shirt and it’s like “wow”. Check her out:


Now check out what her t-shirt says….


“Fawndle Me”. Sure, no problem. Where do I sign up for that? You have to admit, you got to love Sweet Krissy and her sense of humor!!!

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1 Aug 14

Sexy Shirt

How can you not want to spend high quality bonding time with Sweet Krissy??? Man, she’s got a tight body!

I love this shirt!


I love this shirt – It’s hot! Combine it with those tight short and this is a party waiting to happen!

I need to meet Sweet Krissy!!!

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I don’t only want Sweet Krissy to be sex slave for the rest of my life because she’s got huge knockers. I mean, I love big boobs as much as the next guy, but my love for Sweet Krissy is so much deeper than my clear and ever present obsession for breasts.

I think Sweet Krissy looks Irish…

sweet krissy big boobs

Sweet Krissy just got this look about her that makes me hard as a rock!

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Don’t you just love it when young hot teens with huge boobs dress up for you in silly lingerie and high heels and wait for you to come back from work? “Surprise honey – I’ve been waiting for you. Check out what I’m wearing.”

I would rip her fucking clothes off quickly if only because I want to get at he huge boobs! I so want to bang Sweet Krissy over and over again!

sweet krissy sexy lingerie huge boobs1

Then the clothes do come off… And bam, Sweet Krissy has the largest titties I’ve ever seen on a teen chick – ever!

sweet krissy sexy lingerie huge boobs2

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