Now this is fucking hot…. Sweet Krissy dressed up all in white like a little big breasted teen virgin…. She is so damn hot!

I love it when she’s down on her knees with her ass propped up in the air – sort of like the ass up face down position. You know that Sweet Krissy likes to get fucked hard from behind, doggie style… All chicks her age like it like that!

sweet krissy big boobs white stockings9

And who wouldn’t want to tag Sweet Krissy like that? Then again, she’s got huge breasts so having her ride on top of you so you can watch those huge knockers swinging up and down is a special treat!

sweet krissy big boobs white stockings5 sweet krissy big boobs white stockings6 sweet krissy big boobs white stockings7 sweet krissy big boobs white stockings11

Damn, Sweet Krissy looks so sexy in these white thigh high stockings…. Sort of makes you wish you were that pillow she’s sitting on in that last picture, doesn’t it?

sweet krissy big boobs white stockings3 sweet krissy big boobs white stockings8 sweet krissy big boobs white stockings10 sweet krissy big boobs white stockings12

Yeah, oh yeah, I would so fuck Sweet Krissy!!!

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24 Nov 14

Red High Heels

Sweet Krissy was always a knock out. You can say she’s super hot because of her boobs, but Sweet Krissy is so much more than just boobs. She’s beautiful. And yet there is no denying her cleavage is fucking heavenly. Perfect.

Love the black stockings and the sexy slutty red high heels. Only hot chicks like Sweet Krissy can pull off high heels like this!

sweet krissy black stockings cleavage hot ass 1

And form behind we can see Sweet Krissy is wearing a sexy little thong…. That’s hot!

Who wouldn’t want to tap this tight ass from behind?

sweet krissy black stockings cleavage hot ass 2

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22 Nov 14

Bigger Boobs

Is it me, or is Sweet Krissy getting bigger boobs? It seems to me her boobs are getting bigger and bigger every time I see her naked or topless – or even with her clothes on.

Did Sweet Krissy get a boob job? Is she knocked up? (It wasn’t me!) Or maybe she’s just gaining some weight – sounds like a bad thing, but when chicks gain a little weight their breasts get bigger too!

sweet krissy huge boobs

I don’t care what is behind it… So long as I get to see Sweet Krissy and those huge boobs on a regular basis!

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21 Nov 14

Big Headlights

Bam – Sweet Krissy has the boobs!

Although Sweet Krissy gets naked in her member’s area, we aren’t allowed to show Sweet Krissy naked. Which really sucks. Because Sweet Krissy is stunning naked; Her breasts are both beautiful and magical! And seeing them naked is a wonderful sight. We should all be required by law to see such beauty on a daily basis. Then again, I guess if you were to sign up to Sweet Krissy you could do just that.

sweet krissy mesh shirt1

But Sweet Krissy isn’t all about the boobs, is she? Nah…. She’s got a beautiful little ass!

Put Sweet Krissy in a thong and it’s pure magic! Who wouldn’t want to peel off that thong with their teeth?

sweet krissy mesh shirt2

I know I would. I’d be first in line!

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18 Nov 14

Slutty Schoolgirl

You have to admit – Sweet Krissy is a one of a kind!!!!

I love it when our favorite Internet teens play dress up; I’m so digging Sweet Krissy dressed up in red like the slutty little schoolgirl I wish Sweet Krissy really was!

sweet krissy sexy slutty schoolgirl2

Make no mistake about it, I think Sweet Krissy is naughty through and through….

Sweet Krissy put a lot of effort into this school girl outfit – She’s got the plaid skirt, the top, the plaid tie, and the slutty black stockings with red garters. My god, I’m busting a nut just sitting here thinking about all of the wonderful things I’d like to do with Sweet Krissy!!!!

sweet krissy sexy slutty schoolgirl3 sweet krissy sexy slutty schoolgirl4 sweet krissy sexy slutty schoolgirl5 sweet krissy sexy slutty schoolgirl6

Now that we’ve gotten Sweet Krissy naked… She’s wearing nothing more than her stockings and that sexy ass little tie!

if her ponytail isn’t good enough for a handle, that sexy tie she’s wearing could work too!!!!

sweet krissy sexy slutty schoolgirl7

I would hit this from sixteen different directions and knock her into next Tuesday!!!!!

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16 Nov 14

Thong Ass

I like it when Sweet Krissy sends us these self shot photos… They might not be the best quality but it shows how far she is willing to go to entertain her man or perhaps even how far she is willing to go to entertain us. Then again, most of us have paid to be a member of her site. It’s well worth it. If only because Sweet Krissy likes to dress up and entertain us!

Sweet Krissy knows how much we like big boobs, but she also knows that we like a tight ass too – and of course we like thongs too!

sweet krissy tight ass thong

This is just Sweet Krissy showing off for us at this point!

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15 Nov 14

Tight Blue Jeans

There’s just something about Sweet Krissy and her tight little teen body… It’s like she’s got the perfect little teen body with huge knockers – and a willingness to please!

Here she is a baby blue shirt that is showing off her midriff nicely!

sweet krissy2

The more Sweet Krissy crawls around on her hands and knees here, the more it’s clear that she has on a tiny little thong… Tiny thong, tight ass jeans – Yummy!!!!

sweet krissy1 sweet krissy3 sweet krissy4 sweet krissy5

Now that we see her taking off her jeans… That’s enough to make our jeans soaking wet!!!!

sweet krissy6

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Sweet Krissy seems to be doing a lot of cam shows or something these days… I don’t know if these are from a live show or a self shot photos, but either way they are super sexy!

She shows off her cleavage nicely!

sweet krissy cam show 4

And the legs Sweet Krissy has… They are to die for!

sweet krissy cam show 2

Boobs, legs… And ass too. She’s always had a great ass.

Who doesn’t want to just slide in behind her and poke her from behind!

sweet krissy cam show 1

And she loves getting naked too!

sweet krissy cam show 3

Check out the bra on the floor… You know Sweet Krissy needs a massive bra to hold on those juggs!

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They sort of stare out at you don’t they?

sweet krissy push up bra

Let’s face it, we all want chicks with huge boobs. No sense having eye candy on your arm if they aren’t worth looking at. And chicks with small boobs aren’t really eye candy unless they wear super short sexy slutty skirts…. This is why we need a big breasted chick like Sweet Krissy – because we all like looking at cleavage!

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10 Nov 14

Hit From Behind

How could you not want to hit Sweet Krissy from behind? Over and over again……

sweet krissy tight fucking teen-ass

I’d hit it. But that’s me. You must ghey if you don’t want to hit that!!!

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