21 May 15

Melons For Breasts

You just have to love big breasted teen chicks like Sweet Krissy… So damn entertaining, not to mention beautiful to look at!

But it has to make you wonder if Sweet Krissy ever has any problems with her huge knockers…. In this picture it looks like her breasts are about ready to pop out and she’s holding them in!

sweet krissy big breasted-teen

Or maybe Sweet Krissy is just holding them because she likes the way they feel in her hand…. I know I would!!!

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19 May 15

Hands & Knees

It’s always a blast when our sweet teens get down on their hands and knees for us…. Not sure why beautiful teen chicks like Sweet Krissy are so damn eager to get down on their hands and knees just for our entertainment?

Does Sweet Krissy want to be spanked?

Does Sweet Krissy want to be hit from behind?

sweet krissy-hands knees

Does it matter to us what Sweet Krissy wants???

As long as I get to play with her and ride her, I could care less what she wants!!! I just want to fuck Sweet Krissy!!!!

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Obviously Sweet Krissy knows her best asset… It’s her huge boobs!

When Sweet Krissy squeezes her breasts together it’s like she’s screaming “I want to fuck your brains out big boy”. And she can do it too. You can tell that Sweet Krissy can handle herself in the bedroom, that’s for sure!

sweet krissy yellow shorts1

I just want to know what it feels like to have Sweet Krissy riding on top of me with her huge boobs out!

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13 May 15

Voyeur Video

I wouldn’t mind spending my free time spanking Sweet Krissy…. Looks like she’s enjoying it!

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Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, suddenly you see some brand new photos of Sweet Krissy. Very hot!

Not only does Sweet Krissy have huge boobs, but she’s got a beautiful ass too… all real! Notice how Sweet Krissy is up on her tippy toes? That’s because she wants to show off her beautiful ass!

sweet krissy white panties

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Sweet Krissy looks like she’s about to bust out of her bra here… Super huge boobs!

sweet krissy leopard bra big boobs

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5 May 15

Purple And Black

Sweet Krissy looks sexier and sexier and every time I see her…. And in her purple and black lingerie and and sexy black stockings it’s smoking hot!

sweet krissy teen slut3

She is just smoking hot!

sweet krissy teen slut4 sweet krissy teen slut5 sweet krissy teen slut6 sweet krissy teen slut8

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2 May 15

Teen Kneeling

This is exactly what I love about Sweet Krissy…. Tall, thin blonde with a beautiful face, a killer rack, and a desperate need to show off her sexy teen body!

Here she is in a short skirt and a black and pink bra, sexy black high heels, kneeling on a stool…… Any chick who is willing to kneel in front of you is the type of chick that is willing to get down on her knees and suck you off. I’m guessing Sweet Krissy is no exception….

sweet krissy tight skirt hot teen ass1

When you spin Sweet Krissy around and then bend her over ever so slightly….. What a great little ass she as! Beautiful strong legs too!

Sweet Krissy likes to be spanked. I’ve seen videos of it. She gets off on it. Imagine pulling up her little skirt here and spanking her bare bottom until it’s bright cherry red!

sweet krissy tight skirt hot teen ass2

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Let’s face it – As a society, we are overly focused on boobs. We just like huge boobs. Chick like boobs too. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, I encourage chicks to like boobs. It’s good for them – Healthy. But we shouldn’t forget that there is more to a woman than just boobs… Take Sweet Krissy here for example… She’s more than just huge boobs!

She’s got a treat ass too!

sweet krissy tight ass 1

And while her ass looks great in tight blue jeans, they look even hotter when she strips off her jeans and shows off her ass in her panties!

sweet krissy tight ass 2

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Looks like Sweet Krissy is at it again… And she’s about to get naked.

But wait, what’s that? Is that a fucking teddy bear on her bed? Oh, the stories that bear could tell…

sexy sweet krissy2

Then when Sweet Krissy takes off her bra, well, that’s what makes her sweet – her big boobs. That and her willingness to take it all off for us!

sexy sweet krissy3

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