Did you know that Sweet Krissy does webcam shows? Those are always fun. It’s the chance for you to really get with Sweet Krissy and tell her to do what you want to do. And the funny thing is that so few peeps show up for these shows…..

Looks like Sweet Krissy likes to have fun in her camshows! This is Sweet Krissy having fun during a live webcam show!

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Hot teens in bikinis… Not exactly something you might think about this time of year, but when it comes to Sweet Krissy and her tight little teen body, there is nothing I think of more – Any time of year!

It might be cold out right now, but any time is a good time to get off looking at Sweet Krissy in her bikini….

sweet krissy hot teen sexy-bikini1

If only we could get Sweet Krissy to go skinny dipping – or is it too cold for that?

Check out the shots of her ass! Sweet Krissy has the perfect teen ass!!!!

sweet krissy hot teen sexy-bikini2 sweet krissy hot teen sexy-bikini3 sweet krissy hot teen sexy-bikini4 sweet krissy hot teen sexy-bikini5

I surely wouldn’t walk on by if I saw Sweet Krissy in her bikini like this!!!!

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26 Sep 14

Teen Titty Fuck

Is there any hotter then chick than Sweet Krissy??? I dare say no!

I could cum on her face, but if that doesn’t work, I’m sure that Sweet Krissy gets a lot requests for titty fucks!!!

sweet krissy nice teen boobs1

I love to watch Sweet Krissy get naked…. it seems to happen a lot! I love watching her take her skirt off and revealing those massive teen melons!!!!

sweet krissy nice teen boobs2 sweet krissy nice teen boobs4 sweet krissy nice teen boobs5 sweet krissy nice teen boobs6

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23 Sep 14

Plan B

At the end of the day the one chick on the Internet that does it for me the most is…. None other than Sweet Krissy. She just does for me.

I mean, setting aside the fact that she’s a hot teen with a banging body and huge knockers…. She’s just got this beautiful face. Don’t mean to be gross here, but I want to rub my cock on her face and drop my load on her….. I wonder if Sweet Krissy would let me get away with that?


If not, there is always plan b……


Plan B is Sweet Krissy‘s Backdoor!!!! Shhhh! Don’t tell Sweet Krissy I said this!

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21 Sep 14

Huge Teen Knockers

Every time I see a picture of Sweet Krissy I get excited….. I mean, setting aside that this hottie has huge knockers for just a moment, it’s her face that does it for me. I surely wouldn’t mind rubbing my pecker up against her cheeks and dropping my load on her face. Of course, it always seems like Sweet Krissy has a smart ass look on her face too. That sort of turns me on because you now deep down inside she’s a naughty girl who enjoys being bad….


I’m just wising that Sweet Krissy would be bad with me!!!!

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18 Sep 14

Short Tight Dress

Oh, how we all love tight dresses!

If your chick is like Sweet Krissy and is big breasted and has a sweet little teen ass, the best way to show it off is in tight short little dress – one that shows off the cleavage perfectly! Check out how her breasts look like they are gonna burst out here!

sweet krissy hot short dress1 sweet krissy hot short dress2

And her ass, oh her sweet little round teenage ass! Who wouldn’t want to give that a little spanking?

I’d so fuck Sweet Krissy!!!!

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15 Sep 14

Super Sweet

Every day…. Sweet Krissy just keep getting sweeter and sweeter! And this case, sexier too!

This is Sweet Krissy dressed up in a tiny little plaid school girl skirt, with her titties ready to burst out of her shirt.


Love those knockers Sweet Krissy!!!!

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12 Sep 14

Beautiful Rack

Recently I’ve mentioned that Sweet Krissy has bumped herself up to the top of the list of teen chicks I’d most like to fuck. This strikes me as funny, being as I usually like my women short and blonde – tits optional.

Here’s refresher pic before I tell you how she got bumped up so quickly…. Sweet Krissy is so damn sexy – and what a huge fucking rack this teen babe has!!!


Smoking hot!!!

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Bam – Sweet Krissy is out there.

It’s all about the breasts, and Sweet Krissy is the queen. Her breasts are plenty big enough.

sweet krissy sexy big breasted babe1

But then when Sweet Krissy turns around and shows us her ass… She looks hot with her ass cheeks being spread by a thong!

sweet krissy sexy big breasted babe2

Who are we kidding? Sweet Krissy just got topless. That’s hotter than her thong!

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Sweet Krissy is officially my favorite solo girl…… She’s just perfect – beautiful face, long dark hair, perfect big boobies, great ass, long legs……

So to celebrate this I’m going to post up some new pix of Sweet Krissy – Front and back!!!!

This is the front – Note the nice rack!!!!


And her tight little ass….


Sweet Krissy, I love you!!!!

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