15 Sep 14

Super Sweet

Every day…. Sweet Krissy just keep getting sweeter and sweeter! And this case, sexier too!

This is Sweet Krissy dressed up in a tiny little plaid school girl skirt, with her titties ready to burst out of her shirt.


Love those knockers Sweet Krissy!!!!

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12 Sep 14

Beautiful Rack

Recently I’ve mentioned that Sweet Krissy has bumped herself up to the top of the list of teen chicks I’d most like to fuck. This strikes me as funny, being as I usually like my women short and blonde – tits optional.

Here’s refresher pic before I tell you how she got bumped up so quickly…. Sweet Krissy is so damn sexy – and what a huge fucking rack this teen babe has!!!


Smoking hot!!!

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Bam – Sweet Krissy is out there.

It’s all about the breasts, and Sweet Krissy is the queen. Her breasts are plenty big enough.

sweet krissy sexy big breasted babe1

But then when Sweet Krissy turns around and shows us her ass… She looks hot with her ass cheeks being spread by a thong!

sweet krissy sexy big breasted babe2

Who are we kidding? Sweet Krissy just got topless. That’s hotter than her thong!

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Sweet Krissy is officially my favorite solo girl…… She’s just perfect – beautiful face, long dark hair, perfect big boobies, great ass, long legs……

So to celebrate this I’m going to post up some new pix of Sweet Krissy – Front and back!!!!

This is the front – Note the nice rack!!!!


And her tight little ass….


Sweet Krissy, I love you!!!!

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Well, isn’t this just a special treat??? Sweet Krissy down on her knees, her t-shirt pulled up around her boobies, and she’s pulling off her panties…. And that’s just a slice of pure hotness right there!!!!

Sweet Krissy looks great down on her knees with her knockers sticking out like that!!!!!


Such a wonderful playful teen!!!! I would so…. You know the drill! I’d so hit Sweet Krissy!!!!

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Don’t you wish your girlfriend dressed up like this for you? I know, right?

sweet krissy white lingerie1

I love it when chicks dress up for me. I’ve seen Sweet Krissy dressed up in person and she is totally stunning.

I love this outfit Sweet Krissy has on – nice and tight, short like a dress, shows off her cleavage really nicely…

God what I wouldn’t do to jizz on her huge knockers!

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29 Aug 14

Tight Blue Dress

I mentioned a few days ago that Sweet Krissy is doing it for me these days… Well, these pix made me bust a nut a instantly. I love mini skirts and short dresses, and I’ve always had a thing for high heels. You take big breasted Sweet Krissy and wrap those massive knockers in a super tight and super short dress and I am so fucking there!


Smoking fucking hot!

I wouldn’t mind laying her down in this dress and having my way with Sweet Krissy…….


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26 Aug 14

Old & New

Here’s a special treat….. Being as I work inside of the industry, I know which sites are worth joining up for and which aren’t. I try to always guide you to the ones worth signing up for – This is my blog and here is the one place I don’t have a boss to tell me what to do and who I should like to. The truth is some of these sites have been around for ages, and if you surf their entire site you can find a lot of older pictures.

Allison Angel and Lia 19 are great sites, have been around for a while, and are updated weekly with new content. However, both Allison Angel and Lia 19 – I kid you not! – haven’t changed a bit since day one. Not a bit.

So I pop in and out of these sites looking for interesting stuff to post up here, and tonight I was surfing around Sweet Krissy and was stunned to find some old pictures of her way in the back of her site…… Here’s what Sweet Krissy looks like now in case you’ve forgotten…..


Looks hot, right? Fucking A!

But when her website Sweet Krissy opened up, well, she’s still hot and totally hittable, but I think I like the new Sweet Krissy instead of the old.


That’s not to say I wouldn’t have licked her feet or spiked her drink to get Sweet Krissy into bed with me.

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Sometimes Sweet Krissy likes to play it off like she is so shy but we already know she’s really not… Not only does she like showing off as much as she can, she also likes being spanked… Hard. A man with a ruler or a paddle is a huge turn on for her!

I would gladly put her over my knee and spank her ass…

sweet krissy yellow shorts11

Girls like Sweet Krissy who get off being spanked… Are always marriage material! Even more so when they look like Sweet Krissy!

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Sweet Krissy has it going on. No matter which end you want to play with, Sweet Krissy can satisfy you. Want to hit it from behind? Sweet Krissy has a beautiful little round teenage ass! Like breasts? Well, Sweet Krissy has more than a mouth. Like to drop your load of jizz across a chick’s face and give her a hot sticky facial? Sweet Krissy has the face of an angel….

If all of the above isn’t enough, Sweet Krissy has personality that shines through no matter what this hot teen is or is not wearing!

sweet krissy hot perky big breasted teen3

Oh, and she loves to show off her body too! Sweet Krissy has a banging body and she knows it, and she loves to show it all off!

And girls like that are the girls we want to spend high quality bonding time with – naked!

sweet krissy hot perky big breasted teen1 sweet krissy hot perky big breasted teen2 sweet krissy hot perky big breasted teen5 sweet krissy hot perky big breasted teen6

My my my… What a sweet little ass Sweet Krissy has!

sweet krissy hot perky big breasted teen4

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