5 Sep 15

Totally Sexy

Is it me, or is Sweet Krissy and her big breasts just too big for her thin waist? I mean, don’t get me wrong; I’d jump into bed with Sweet Krissy first chance I get….. But those boobies…. So damn big for a young teen the age of Sweet Krissy!!!!

Seems she likes to play with her breasts….

sweet krissy super tight skirt

That’s okay. If I had breasts like Sweet Krissy I’d play with them too!!!

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Sweet Krissy knows exactly what we like and how we like it – and this big breasted tart knows how to serve it up just right. Very hot.

First, Sweet Krissy knows we like boobs. She’s got boobs, so we can check that off the sexy checklist. She knows how to use them against us, and how to tease us with her huge breasts…. As if you wouldn’t jump to the moon to get Sweet Krissy to take off that bra!

sweet krissy tits ass1

The next thing up is her ass. You know, it’s all about tits and ass. And Sweet Krissy can bring the ass too!

Look at her beautiful ass in that thong. It’s perfect!

sweet krissy tits ass2

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30 Aug 15

Fun In The Tub

Sweet Krissy is about to take a bath. At least she’s not wearing a bikini or her bra and panties; I never really understood why solo girls do that. But Sweet Krissy is way above that. Good for her.

She’s buck ass naked, big titties out, and she’s ready to get into the tub… Sweet Krissy looks so sexy here!

sweet krissy hot tub fun1

This is the view that Sweet Krissy has when she’s getting in the tub… Lucky bitch!

sweet krissy hot tub fun2

Imaging seeing that view every day when you get dressed? That is some sexy big breasted cleavage right there!

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29 Aug 15

Tiny White Bikini

You have to admit that big breasted teen chicks like Sweet Krissy look great in tiny little bikinis…. Sometimes you have to wonder just how Sweet Krissy fits into a tiny little bikini like this…. But the end result is stunning!

Doesn’t look like she’ll be going swimming any time soon…. I don’t see Sweet Krissy near a pool…..

sweet krissy huge teen knockers bikini1

But that’s fine – Sweet Krissy can walk around all she wants in her little white bikini outside!!!

sweet krissy huge teen knockers bikini2

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3 Jul 15

Teen Oral Fetish

So this is what Sweet Krissy looks like when she’s down on her knees….. And about to suck off your cock!

sexy sweet krissy2

Looks like Sweet Krissy already has an oral fetish…..

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30 Jun 15

Shower Fuck

Here’s Sweet Krissy in the shower – Looks like this big breasted teen chick just went swimming and needs to rinse off…. Too bad we can’t see her big knockers. I’ve never seen a big breasted teen chick like Sweet Krissy before!!!

Jesus, what a sweet ass Sweet Krissy has…. I swear I could mount her right here up against the shower stall wall….

sweet krissy shower fun

I’d fuck Sweet Krissy so damn hard that she would forget her name…..

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27 Jun 15

Tits In A Tank Top

If it wasn’t so sexy it would be funny… Sweet Krissy has huge juggs – beautiful large breasts. No matter what she tries to do to cover herself up she can’t – her tits are just too big. So there is no sense in Sweet Krissy trying to hide it already.

So she’s loud and proud with her tits out on display in a tiny tank top. Her huge boobs and her thin waist… It’s a dangerous combination!

sweet krissy huge boobs tight jeans 1

And it looks like that shirt isn’t staying on too long either! Sweet Krissy can’t wait to show off her titties!

sweet krissy huge boobs tight jeans 2

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24 Jun 15

Beautiful Face

Is it me or does Sweet Krissy just have a beautiful face???

I swear I could fuck her face for hours….

sweet krissy beautiful face

I wonder how that makes Sweet Krissy feel???

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21 Jun 15

Sexy Long Hair

If you got it, flaunt it. And clearly Sweet Krissy has got it… The combination of the huge boobs and the sexy long dark hair is magical… Makes you want to bend her over and fuck her doggie style, with her huge teen knockers banging together and pulling on her long sexy dark hair while you hammer it home…

sweet krissy showing off cleavage1

And of course, Sweet Krissy looks great from all angles too!

sweet krissy showing off cleavage2 sweet krissy showing off cleavage3 sweet krissy showing off cleavage4 sweet krissy showing off cleavage5

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18 Jun 15

Slutty French Maid

I am not sure what Sweet Krissy is doing here… I think she is a dirty French maid but Sweet Krissy beats to her own drum and she had to get some pink in there. I like my maids to be wearing black and white, not pink and black, but when it comes to Sweet Krissy beggers cannot be picky. I’ll take Sweet Krissy any which way I can get her.

She looks smoking hot with all of the sexy cleavage going on, but that’s how Sweet Krissy rolls…. It’s all about the big tits!

sweet krissy slutty maid super cleavage 4

Seems Sweet Krissy likes playing with her huge boobs too… Just wait until Sweet Krissy takes those huge boobs out to play with!

sweet krissy slutty maid super cleavage 1 sweet krissy slutty maid super cleavage 3 sweet krissy slutty maid super cleavage 5 sweet krissy slutty maid super cleavage 6

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