I love it when Sweet Krissy does her cam shows… Fap fap fap!

Do you think that’s her apartment? With that chair? I doubt Sweet Krissy has that much style.. Maybe she married rich…

Now Sweet Krissy is playing with her boobies… I can see that. If I had boobies like her, I’d be playing with my breasts all the time too.

sweet krissy cam show rocking body 1

Damn… Looks like Sweet Krissy has been working out!

sweet krissy cam show rocking body 2

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22 Jul 16

Sexy Cop

I dated a chick who was a cop once. It was neat. It was neat that she had her own pair of handcuffs – and knew how to use them!

This is Sweet Krissy as a sexy – dare I say slutty – police officer. This is hot…. I a so digging the short skirt. I wish all police women dressed like this. I wouldn’t mind be arrested by Sweet Krissy!!!!

sweet krissy-sexy police officer2

I bet you this photo set will come up around next Halloween!

sweet krissy-sexy police officer3 sweet krissy-sexy police officer4 sweet krissy-sexy police officer5 sweet krissy-sexy police officer8

Damn, Sweet Krissy can arrest me any time! As long as she uses the handcuffs on me!

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19 Jul 16

Tits And Ass

We always think of Sweet Krissy as having a huge rack. While she does have a huge boobs, she is in fact the entire package…. Tits and ass!

You can see Sweet Krissy is serious about showing off…. First her huge boobs….

sweet krissy black stockings plaid skirt 3

Then her tight little ass… You know Sweet Krissy likes spankings, right? I bet you the only reason she’s bending over like this is because she wants to be spanked!

sweet krissy black stockings plaid skirt 4 sweet krissy black stockings plaid skirt 5 sweet krissy black stockings plaid skirt 8 sweet krissy black stockings plaid skirt 9

Who wouldn’t want to spank Sweet Krissy?

sweet krissy black stockings plaid skirt 1

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16 Jul 16

Hot Teen Ass

With Sweet Krissy, it’s all about the boobs. Men like boobs. We like boobs – a lot – because we don’t have a pair of our own to play with. If we did, chances are we would never leave the house. We’d just sit at home and play with our knockers, twenty-four hours a day. And we’d love every moment of it.

Sweet Krissy has a beautiful rack. Seriously, these sweater puppies are beautiful. Large, bold, in your face. And huge.

I bet you watching Sweet Krissy doing some jumping jacks is a beautiful sight!

sexy sweet krissy7

But there’s a lot more to Sweet Krissy than her huge rack. Her face is beautiful; I love her big root beer brown eyes! I swear, I’d drop a huge load of my jizz right on her face. Sweet Krissy is the playful sort; I bet you she’d love it too!

But I think Sweet Krissy has another feature worth mentioning – Her ass. Sweet Krissy has a beautiful little tight ass with the perfect curves. And she knows she’s got a great ass too!

sexy sweet krissy3 sexy sweet krissy6

A beautiful ass like Sweet Krissy has multiple purposes…..

Her member’s area has a few videos of her getting spanked with a ruler until her ass is cherry red; Sweet Krissy seems to enjoy it. Every time her ass gets spanked she gets this glazed look in her eyes like she just had a mini orgasm, which is always hot!

Then again, chicks in the age group that Sweet Krissy is in loves to be fucked doggie style, and judging from all of the pictures we’ve seen of Sweet Krissy on her hands and knees leads us to believe that she likes it like that too! I bet you she likes it fast and hard and from behind, just like all her little lesbian girlfriends!

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Sweet Krissy has been doing cam shows recently from her apartment. Looks like she lives in a nice looking little ghetto there. Do you really think that Sweet Krissy has teddy bears on her bed? I bet you she does.

I love the bra she is wearing. Sweet Krissy has a great rack and her boobs just pop in this black and white polka dot bra!

sweet krissy bra cleavage camshow playing with pussy 1

But this time around Sweet Krissy is doing so much more than usual on her cam show… Buck naked, wearing only high heels, she spreads her legs and starts playing with herself… You just know Sweet Krissy got off doing her cam show!

sweet krissy bra cleavage camshow playing with pussy 2

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10 Jul 16

Ass Up Face Down

It’s pretty clear that Sweet Krissy likes to be fucked the same way they all like to be fucked… Ass up, face down… Very nice.

sweet krissy tight ass big cleavage 1

Lucky for us Sweet Krissy likes to show off. And god, she loves to show off the cleavage. I guess if every woman had cleavage like Sweet Krissy, they would want to show it off too!

sweet krissy tight ass big cleavage 2 sweet krissy tight ass big cleavage 3 sweet krissy tight ass big cleavage 7 sweet krissy tight ass big cleavage 6

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8 Jul 16


Now this is smoking hot – Sweet Krissy in white fishnet stockings….. With her large teen breasts hanging out all over the place!

I swear I want to reach out and just grab them!!!

sweet krissy fishnets1

And the view of her ass…. Beautiful!

I’d so hit that tight little teen ass!

sweet krissy fishnets2

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Damn – If Sweet Krissy isn’t about ready to fucking bust out of her shirt….. It’s hot when sexy teen chicks have such big boobs that no matter what they wear it looks like their boobs are straining to come out and play!

And let’s face it – Sweet Krissy has boobs all right!

sweet krissy-tight jeans1

Big, glorious, huge, teen breasts…. The same ones we want to play with!

sweet krissy-tight jeans2

Sweet Krissy is perfect from all angles….. I’d so hit that ass from behind!!!!

sweet krissy-tight jeans4 sweet krissy-tight jeans5 sweet krissy-tight jeans3 sweet krissy-tight jeans6

My god so damn beautiful…..

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Back into the shower Sweet Krissy goes, got to wash her huge boobs…. And she’s smashing her boobs into the wall. She’s looking up at us with those big brown eyes and that “come fuck me look that is super hot!

You now Sweet Krissy plays with her boobs because it turns us on… And her too!

sweet krissy huge smashing huge boobs

I just keep wondering why we don’t have a video of Sweet Krissy doing jumping jacks?

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29 Jun 16

Jean Corset

Fresh from the Sweet Krissy member’s area… More yummyness! How about Sweet Krissy in a jean corset and a dangerously short skirt? That’s enough to give me instant wood!

sweet krissy big breasted teen hot corset7

Would you look at those damn boobs…. I love Sweet Krissy and her huge teen breasts!

sweet krissy big breasted teen hot corset6

And the rest of her of course!!!

sweet krissy big breasted teen hot corset1 sweet krissy big breasted teen hot corset2 sweet krissy big breasted teen hot corset3 sweet krissy big breasted teen hot corset4

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