30 Jan 15

Stripper Pole

I think the top fantasies that all men have are the cheerleader, threesome, and then the stripper. All men have wanted to fuck a stripper at least once in their life.

Check out Sweet Krissy working her stuff on the stripper pole!

sweet krissy stripper pole1

Let me tell you a little bit about strippers…. I have some knowledge in this area because I’ve had a few strippers here and there; I might have been married to a stripper once – I don’t remember. This was, of course, back in the day when strippers were fucking beautiful and full of personality like our Sweet Krissy here….

Strippers have the right moves….. Dancing the way they do, the things that they can do with their hips, when they are riding on top of you, well, it’s fucking magical. All women should be required, by law, to take stripper pole classes. It would improve our sex life ten fold.

Seems like Sweet Krissy has the boobs and the ass, and now she has all of the right moves in the bedroom thanks to her knowledge of being a stripper!

sweet krissy stripper pole2 sweet krissy stripper pole3 sweet krissy stripper pole4 sweet krissy stripper pole5

And when Sweet Krissy rubs her ass on the stripper pole, up and down, well, that’s fucking smoking hot!

sweet krissy stripper pole6

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Let’s face it – what we love about Sweet Krissy is that she has huge boobs. All men like huge boobs. They are pretty to look at, and fun to play with and fun to fuck. Plus, it makes other guys jealous when your girlfriend has a huge rack and is showing off her huge boobs!

Right about now I bet you wish you were a wall, and Sweet Krissy was smashing her huge boobs into you!

sexy sweet krissy 2

And little known fact about Sweet Krissy… She likes to be spanked! She likes to be spanked on her ass, nice and hard!

sexy sweet krissy 1

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27 Jan 15

Girls Together

That’s it honey…. Just what Sweet Krissy needs to do – push up the girls next to each other. As if they don’t stand out enough as it is.

Seems to me that Sweet Krissy likes to play with her breasts.

sweet krissy hot teen big boobs3

Then again, if I had fun bags like Sweet Krissy I’d play with them too!

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25 Jan 15

Huge Teen Boobs

Could Sweet Krissy possibly have any bigger boobs?

sweet krissy hot teen big boobs2

I mean really now. I wonder if those fun bags are real.

I’m hoping to meet Sweet Krissy this weekend. If I do, I’ll have to ask her!

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21 Jan 15

Ultra Hot

I swear I’ve had dreams about Sweet Krissy that remind me of this set…. Sweet Krissy in black stockings laying down on her back, with her long dark hair falling down to the ground…. I can just imagine her saying “Take me, stud”.

Get in line behind me!

sweet krissy sexy black stockigns7

I love stockings and Sweet Krissy pulls it off well – She has the big boobs, thin waist, and killer legs…

sweet krissy sexy black stockigns2 sweet krissy sexy black stockigns3 sweet krissy sexy black stockigns4 sweet krissy sexy black stockigns5

Of course, this doesn’t mention her ultra tight ass!!!


sweet krissy sexy black stockigns8

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19 Jan 15

Pink Stockings

I wonder if Sweet Krissy ever goes out in public dressed like this? That’s one hell of a short skirt she has on….. And those pink fishnet stockings? Yikes.

I think this is more of bedroom wear than stuff she can wear in public. Unless she’s going out clubbing.

sweet krissy tight ass short skirt

I’d love to go clubbing with Sweet Krissy. That sounds like a fun night.

But we all know the best features of Sweet Krissy is her rack – which we can’t see in this one picture. Trust me, there’s a lot more pictures in this set!!!

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16 Jan 15

Super Cute And Shy

We should be so lucky as to have Sweet Krissy down on her knees in bed wearing a short skirt…… What a cute face Sweet Krissy has!

I’d drop a load of cum on her face any time…..

sweet krissy short skirt bent over1

And, and she’s trying to play shy girl here…… Too fucking cute!

sweet krissy short skirt bent over2

I’d so fuck Sweet Krissy!!!!

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13 Jan 15

Both Ends

The thing I like the most about Sweet Krissy – other than the fact she reminds me of a chick I want to sleep with – is that she’s got it going on from both ends. Usually a big breasted teen like Sweet Krissy, well, the rest of her is too thick. But that’s not the case with Sweet Krissy. She’s got the boobs up front, a thin waist….

sweet krissy polka dots1

And a perfect ass!

sweet krissy polka dots2 sweet krissy polka dots3 sweet krissy polka dots4 sweet krissy polka dots5

Yep, Sweet Krissy has it going on at both ends!!

I would so hit Sweet Krissy! Imagine having her riding on top of you with those big teen boobies….

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10 Jan 15

Naked In Shower

I’m not aloud to post pictures of Sweet Krissy naked, but she’s not really showing anything nudity wise here in the shower so I can post this up…..

sweet krissy hot teen big boobs1

I’d shower with with Sweet Krissy. Bet your ass on it!!!

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Some times you log into Sweet Krissy’s website and you just have no idea what your going to get… This time around I logged in and found what looks like some screen grabs of Sweet Krissy playing around half naked – dressed up in a plaid skirt and a little tank top…

sweet-krissy screen grabs4

And the oddest fucking socks I’ve seen in a long long time!

sweet-krissy screen grabs3

That’s hot.

But when Sweet Krissy gets up on her hands and knees, ass up in the air… That’s hot!

sweet-krissy screen grabs5

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